Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Truth and Beauty Project Begins.

I'm SO tired of feeling frumpy and dumb and ugly. And I'm not talking about the extra pounds, frizzy hair, and blah clothes. I'm talking about my mind. I'm tired of feeling intellectually and emotionally stagnant. Life's not bad, it's just that I've gotten complacent. My radar for beauty and truth and zest for life has been on standby for a long, looooong time. I'm bored and I'm boring. But I don't have to be. So, this blog is dedicated to the search for the beauty and truth I see every day. I don't know that I'll commit to writing every day (I'm frankly just not that disciplined) but I need a cheap, legal creative outlet (so graffiti on public buildings is a no go.)

So, look for future posts about anything and everything---lucky, lucky, lucky you.