Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NaPhoPoMo Blitz: I know, I know.

This month got away from me, but I’m determined to get it all in: So……

Day 13:  That’s the Biggest Pile of …


Horse manure. For to amend the soil for our garden next season.  A rancher friend gladly donated the piles and piles of stuff.  And another friend brought a spreader---SO glad I didn’t have to get involved!

Day 14: Duct Tape, Fashion Accessory for the Nudity Inclined Toddler.


This adorable little person learned how to dress and undress herself.  Un-diapering makes her feel so proud.  About time to potty train, I think…..

Day 15: In Which I give the six year old the camera to play with during the science fair.

Perhaps photo-journalism is in his future? He also seems drawn to portraiture….

20131115_142037   20131115_141939

20131115_141413     20131115_142443

20131115_141453  20131115_141600

20131115_142922  20131115_142852

20131115_141556  20131115_141533

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