Sunday, November 3, 2013

NaPhoPoMo: National Photo Posting Month

The brainchild of Karen Walrond, NaPhoPoMo is a month long event in which you post at least one photo a day on your blog and share with the folks you know.  It’s a reason to stop and look up, look around, and document it.  I got on board a day late, and am only now figuring out how to link up to everything (because I’m so technologically delayed. Please forgive.) At any rate, it’s been kind of fun—reminds me of a mini-version of the 365 self-portrait thing I did a couple or three years back.  Only shorter and with a LOT less pressure.

Here are my first three days of photos (which I posted on Facebook and am now posting here—just to get with the program.)

Day 1: Night at the Ballet, 11/1/13

My friend, Vanessa, and I went to the ballet.   I hadn’t been to a ballet performance in a few years (the last one being a Czech performance of The Phantom of the Opera, in Prague, in 2009.  Good times.) The ballet Vanessa and I attended was called The American Program---all the choreography was done by Americans or created IN America, for American dancers.  I don’t know much about ballet, but after reading watching the performance and reading the program, I’m very intrigued by ballet and the different styles (who knew there were different styles of ballet? That is so cool!)  Anyway, Vanessa and I enjoyed the evening very much—it was an excuse to get all gussied up and feel like we were getting some culture.



Day 2: Impromptu Tea Party with the Kids, 11/2/13

My nine year old has a tea set that we picked up for her at a restaurant supply store last year.  She LOVES having little tea parties.  We had just finished a discussion on why we don’t allow sleepovers and she was feeling a little bummed that I’m such a strict parent about that.  A tea party is not a sleepover, but she seemed mollified when I suggested we use Twizzlers for straws and eat Halloween candy as part of our “high tea.”  (So much for teatime etiquette and tradition!)  Her brothers were happy to oblige (because there was candy.)  We served wild berry herbal tea and the kids dunked Jolly Ranchers into the tea to sweeten it.  Can you say sugar coma?




Day 3: Singing Time in Primary, 11/3/13

I teach Sunday School, and sometimes it’s really boring.  The best part of the day is “Singing Time,” when the kids get to learn and practice worship and Sunday School songs.  Today, the kids got a little silly—we were singing songs about Thanksgiving and Christmas (in preparation for the Christmas program.)  I love this bunch of people—they are silly and serious and precious (but mostly silly.  They crack me up!)



  1. I began seeing your fb posts along with a couple of others and was so intrigued, I decided to check out this whole NaPhoPoMo and couldn't resist. Hope you don't mind that I am joining in on your fun. I love the focus that I believe this will provide...And I LOVE your photos!!! :)

  2. I'm glad you're doing it! It's really fun!