Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NaPhoPoMo Blitz: Late night antics, a belated birthday, grandparents, and Giant Space Squids

Day 16: Late night attempt at selfies


Went out late one night with my friend Beth, to blow off some steam and have a good laugh.  We laughed so hard I couldn’t keep the camera steady.  This is the ONLY shot that didn’t come out blurry. (And of course, the ONLY shot where my hair was up and wonky. Just, whatever.)  Look at Beth’s gorgeous smile!  She’s a riot!   


Day 17:  Belated Birthday Fun!


My middle daughter turned 9 in October and sadly, I was out of town on her special day.  Here we are making up for it in November (better late than never???)—I took her out on a lunch date and a trip to the mall.  I can’t believe she’s old enough to LIKE the mall. Hold me!

Day 18: Visiting Grandma and Grandpa


Our weekly date with our “adopted” grandparents is a huge treat for us.  Usually, I only have the two littlest kids with me, because I visit while the big kids are at piano lessons.  This week, piano lessons were cancelled, so all of us converged on the grands. We come in like a tornado and leave the same way.  I worry that we are too much for these good people, but they always hug and kiss us and exclaim “Leaving already?” when we have to go. They spoil us rotten, letting the kids raid their candy and cookie jars and run all over the house, and sharing with me whatever goodies they’ve found at the store or cooked up for themselves.  They have a big toy bin FULL of battery powered NOISY toys that the kids turn on all at once.  We adults try to talk over the noise, but sometimes we are drowned out by the kids’ antics and we just watch them and laugh. 

Day 19: Giant Space Squids at Play

20131115_162027  20131115_162055

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, children donning sleeping bags  became transformed into Evil Giant Space Squids, bent on conquering the universe. Their method of attack: bouncing across the unstable surfaces of earth.

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