Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NaPhoPoMo Blitz

I’ve taken pictures each day—just haven’t posted them.  Catching up:

Day 9: Dancing Queen


A friend of mine invited me out for a night on the town—after dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place that is now my most favorite restaurant ever, we went to a dance performance.  It was phenomenal, and I wish I’d been allowed to take pictures.  Alas,  you’ll have to settle for a shot of me dancing at (not ON, thankyouverymuch) our table—at a local hot spot after the performance.  We went out for dessert at the Barbacoa Grill in Boise.  The food was incredible, and the music was awesome and pounding away—put a good beat on and I can’t help but move.  My friend posted this pic on Facebook and we got a little carried away in the commentary.  Oh dear.  Good times.


Day 10: What does the Fox Trot Say?


My kids love comics.  They are especially taken with Calvin and Hobbes and quote the print cartoons like other people quote movies. But--  they have just discovered Fox Trot, and the hilarity has increased manifold, because the Fox family has similar dynamics to our own.


Day 11: Pensive


I have a standing weekly appointment with a friend of mine—I drop my kids at piano lessons and head over to her place to shoot the breeze for an hour and a half.  On this day, my friend was babysitting her three great granddaughters. Two of the girls were running around, playing hide and seek, but eight year old Aleena was sitting by herself, absently plunking away at a toy keyboard, looking a little weary of the goings-on of her sisters.  When I tried to engage her in conversation, she just sighed as if she had a lot on her mind and went back to her keyboard.  A minute after I took this photo, one of her sisters ran in and tapped her on the shoulder, shouting “Tag, you’re it!” Aleena quickly set down the keyboard and dashed away in pursuit.


Day 12: Like Mother, Like Daughter


If you read my other blog, or have anything to do with me on Facebook, you know that I train in Krav Maga.  I’ve been telling my daughter for awhile now that I want her to train as well.  She has seen me come home with bruises and hasn’t been keen on joining me, but the other day she surprised me by telling me she wanted to try a class.  I was as pleased as I was shocked.  I grinned like a goof the entire drive to class, so pleased to finally get to share this with my baby girl. (This is us goofing off after class.)

She had a good time—even if she got a little green in the gills from pushing herself too hard during the warm up.  She sat out for a few minutes but joined back in for knee strikes and bar-arm chokes.  She’s feisty!

I am so proud.

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